Booties with Heated Insoles for Men

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Relax to the max with Snook-Ease heated booties! Your microwave booties for women and men soothe sore, tired, or cold feet with their downy fabric and heated insoles!

Relief is seconds away! To enjoy up to 30 minutes of warmth, microwave your heat pad insoles for 60 seconds, slide them in your booties, and revel in their gradual release of heat! Your heated booties with thermal pads not only help ease everyday aches and pains but also provide comfort for blood circulation issues, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles’ heel, inflammation, and more!

Get warm in no time! Place the Snook-Ease shoe insoles inside their heating bag and heat in the microwave for 60 seconds. Place immediately inside the booties and enjoy warm & toasty footsies. Use at home, at work, during the day, or for a relaxing night’s sleep. These booties are ideal when walking the dog on those cold winter days.

Unlike electric sheets or blankets, hot water bottles, or massagers which require electricity, boiling water, or batteries, Snook-Ease is safe, hygienic, lightweight, discreet, reusable, reheatable, washable, odor-free, and squeak-free.

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Our Technology

Snook-Ease inserts are engineered with unique minerals that rapidly warm up in 60 seconds, gradually releasing warmth for up to 30 minutes. Feel the heat fading away? Heat Treat and Repeat - No More Cold Feet!

Our technology is based on a mixture of several natural earth minerals that are molded into various shapes. When heated, this mixture quickly absorbs heat and slowly releases it for up to 30 minutes. The materials are made in the USA and mixed at our manufacturing facility in Michigan.

Why Choose Us?

As a family-owned, Michigan-based company, we develop and manufacture custom self-care products for our customers. Our desire is to create high quality products that provide comfort and relief to the user.


THE IDEAL BOOTIES FOR COLD WEATHERAre you that person that is always cold? Guilty of popstickle tows?
Put an end to the suffering and misery that cold brings.. and get snooked up!

The Perfect Cold Feet Solution

Lightweight, reusable, washable - you can take them anywhere with you, like the office (even in summer, when your colleagues are blasting the A/C), a wintery weekend getaway, or anywhere else.

Simply warm up the included insole inserts, and slip the insoles into the booties. Reheat any time in just 60 seconds for a full half-hour of cozy warmth.

Safe to Use Always

Unlike electric sheets or blankets, hot water bottles, or massagers which require electricity, boiling water, or batteries - making them a potential hazard! - Snook-Ease insoles and booties are safe, easily reheatable, and provide you with warmth and comfort!

Heat, Treat & REPEAT!

1. Put Insoles in Bag- The bag is hygienic and will keep the insoles isolated from the surface of your microwave.

2. Place Bag in Microwave- The bag is microwave safe to use endless of times. place the bag with the insoles flat, and heat.

3. Slide the warm insoles into your chosen shoe, slipper, or our booties, and enjoy the warmth for up to 30 minutes.

4. Return & Store- The bag is also used for storage! Easy to put away, compact, and perfect for travel.

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