Our Story

Ever since I’ve met her, Mrs. Ross has been complaining her feet are cold. I’ve decided to use my knowledge and skills as an industrial designer to find a solution for her and anybody else who suffer from cold feet.

It had become my life’s work- I’ve invested everything in it starting with relocating myself and family from the other side of the ocean back to Michigan, my home state.   I took loans from banks and private acquaintance, bought machinery and equipment and set up a small workplace to make this come true. Mrs. Ross took another job as a school teacher and tutor to support our family, all while keep working with me on the business- she made sure our books are in order, that payments are made to suppliers and every customer who reached out with a question or inquiry was answered personally till full satisfaction.

 For three long years I have researched, looked and experimented with all sorts of materials. Until I’ve found the correct one which makes my heated inserts absorb heat quickly and deliver essential exterior heat to the body and especially the feet. I’m proud to say it is a patent pending invention that is 100% pure Michigan made.

We were able to reach 30,000 customers who now have an easy, simple and effective way to warm their feet- we want to reach more!
One out of five women, and one out of twenty men suffer from chronic cold feet. Other than my wife, there are so many people who can benefit from my development and you can help me find them. What works for my wife can defiantly aid others.

During these unprecedented global pandemic times- Snookiz/Snook-Ease is a genuine example of how to help people to treat their cold feet while they stay at home. Your support will allow me to first and foremost stay afloat. Pay rent, utilities and make overdue payment to suppliers who were open minded enough to believe in my idea. I have long term plans to  expand the business scope- hire employees, promote important business collaborations with relevant parties, continue develop more products, conduct more research about the benefits of exterior heat to the human body and connect with doctors to work together on a breakthrough solution to everyone who suffer from chronic cold feet. The federal and State relief loans programs are high risk option for me as I am already in great debts.

Please help me spread the warmth!

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