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Hi, The inserts are reusable. When heat fades to room temperature, reheat the inserts to enjoy warm feet again.
Yes. The bottom of the slippers and booties are non-slip.
No. The inserts are specifically designed to utilize the microwave energy.
Yes, They really work. Each pair of slippers comes with heated inserts. The inserts are put in the microwave for 30 second and stay warm for up to 30 minutes before reaching body temperature (they don't cool down completely as long as you wear them). Inside each heated insert is an earth mineral mixture which was molded into the shape of the feet. This mixture knows how to absorb heat really fast and then slowly release it.
Yes, you can. We recommend hand wash and leave to air dry. If you want to use the washing machine please apply a delicate plan if you have it.
No. The inserts are specifically made to hold microwave heat. The slippers/booties are made of polyester fabric which has has high potential to burn in this intense heat. Please keep safe use and not heat the slippers/booties in the microwave.
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