Heated Insoles for Cold Feet

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  • INSTANT RELIEF - Just place the Snook-Ease shoe insoles inside their heating bag and heat in the microwave for 60 seconds. Place immediately inside your footwear and enjoy warm & toasty footsies. Use at home, at work, during the day, or for a relaxing night’s sleep
  • PROMOTE FOOT HEALTH - Keeping your core body temperature balanced is essential to good health. Applying heat helps expand blood vessels, which allows oxygen to flow through our bodies more effectively
  • RELIEVE PAIN - Chronic cold feet, sore feet, arthritic feet, inflamed feet, tired feet - they all deserve some TLC after a long day. From hurtin’ heels to aching arches and tortured toes, treat your tired tootsies!
  • SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE - Snook-Ease is safe, hygienic, lightweight, discreet, reusable, reheatable, washable, odor-free, and squeak-free. Unlike electric sheets or blankets, hot water bottles, or massagers which require electricity, boiling water, or batteries - making them a potential hazard! - Snook-Ease insoles are safe, are easily reheatable, and provide you with warmth and comfort for as long as you like
  • PATENT-PENDING TECHNOLOGY - Snook-Ease inserts are engineered with unique minerals that rapidly warm up in 60 seconds, gradually releasing warmth for up to 30 minutes. Feel the heat fading away? Heat Treat and Repeat - No More Cold Feet!

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Our Technology

We've been developing the material for 4 years now. Many days of exploring the chemistry behind heat, testing natural substances and setting the goal for minimal external aid.

LavaTech Inside technology brings the best solution to personalize heat needs. The material can absorb heat very fast and slowly release it keeping warmth up to 30 minutes. Coated in soft fabric the feel against the skin is of warmth, ease and care.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Snook Ease and LavaTech Inside technology as your treatment accelerator for body temperature stabilization, or even as an indulgent accessory for cold days, means you recognize that heat can treat those intermediate situation, that a heat boost makes all the difference between cold start and constant temperature fluency.

Rapid heating and nestling into that wonderful cozy feeling for warmth relaxation and ease. The products are ready to use within seconds. Follow heating instruction carefully and secure the warmth.

Right before getting into bed, as you set out for a sport activity outdoors, while in need of orthopedic equipment, nestling into the sofa for a read or a watch in a cold day, stepping out the door to collect the paper or the awaiting package, plowing the driveway snow, sweeping the leaves, gardening, the possibilities are endless.

Heat, Treat & REPEAT!

1. Put Insoles in Bag- The bag is hygienic and will keep the insoles isolated from the surface of your microwave.

2. Place Bag in Microwave- The bag is microwave safe to use endless of times. place the bag with the insoles flat, and heat.

3. Slide the warm insoles into your chosen shoe, slipper, or our booties, and enjoy the warmth for up to 30 minutes.

4. Return & Store- The bag is also used for storage! Easy to put away, compact, and perfect for travel.


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